So i went to Animate today and picked up Super Lovers 7 and Junjou Romantica 18. If you bought both then you get something special. I tried my best to translate >_<

Abe’s message(right)

Hello! This is Abe!

This time, Nakamura Shungiku’s volume 18 of Junjou Romatica went on sale the same time as mine, so I drew Nakamura Sensei’s character. Misaki chan was quite a challenge. Yes!… Wait what? The cuteness was cut in half… Well at least I drew Suzuki San perfectly!(lol) Huh!?

Thank you for buying volume 7 of Super Lovers from the people at Animate <3

Also the new magazine [Emerald] will be up for sale on the last day of August 2014. [SUPER LOVERS] and [Hakkenden] will be included in the magazine as well.

Thank you very much!

Abe Miyuki

Nakamura’s message(Left)

Thank you for buying volume 18 of Junjou Romantica!!

This time, Abe Miyuki Sensei’s [SUPER LOVERS] went on sale the same time as mine, so I drew a picture of Abe Sensei’s Ren. Ummm, I couldn’t quite get Ren’s cute expression… errr I’m sorry… Please take a look at Abe Sensei’s comic if you want to see the real cute RenRen Kun.

Also, at the end of August 2014, the new [Emerald] will go on sale. Abe Sensei’s works will appear and so will Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. I would love it if you guys checked them out~

Nakamura Shungiku

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